Sunday, February 23

Now What You Ask?

Here we have landed.

No more commute.

Eli to school me to work.
Grocery shop

Repeat five days each week.
Two days each week we don't budge.
If we go out it feels like scurrying.
We both prefer Home.

Life is simple and good here near the beach.
I can smell the sea.
I can hear gulls.
We can be salty in ten minuet walk down the trail.

Not that we do very often. 

We could at any one given moment though.

Maybe when the sun is warmer.

We live inside mostly.

Here, look at our insides.

Eli's weaving is warming up nicely don't you agree?

We satellite outwards from the fuelling station.

Making bows and valentines cards while reading and discussing the importance of interchangeable parts for play figures is the natural order of our two quiet days each week. 

Titanium rocket fuel in the mug and a nearly finished Robin hood hat complete with found feather. 
Our weekends look like this.

Oh and cake. 
Carrot cake anyone?

Shhh movie time before and after and during sword practice and crown making and lego time.
Yes this is our life now.

Simple and good.

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