Wednesday, April 24


Moving takes many forms, right?

'Get on a goin' early in the mornin'.'
That is one type of moving.
Get the job done' is another kind of moving.

Through some outside force or inertia like ummm let's say a volcano erupts and the lava flow is heading straight for you and in controlled panic one moves.
Well, that is another kind of moving.

Yup Yup Yup.
There are different types of moving indeed!

This ole turtle woman moved us lately.
Oh woe is me what a heart wrenching process that has been.
To pack up and store  all (yes I said all ) of my pottery/Studio equipment indefinitely was the first rung or three up the ladder of moving (should I say wrung?)
Followed by house, critters and community kind of moving is what we did recently.


Moving my tough ole cemented mind was a job I can tell you!
Leaving our Home on the Mountain?
We left.

I had said "Forever".
I said "you can take me from here feet first."

Alas, no work for me and no community for my outgoing flourishing dynamo boy moved us.

Seeking the elusive Buddhist-Amish bunch of kindred grapes to hang and grow with, we moved.
With some success thus far!

Here are some pictures of where we landed. . .

Our 80 year old log cabin.

My new green house going up up up just like the tomatoes and peppers that will live in there soon!

Our front deck and laundry line extra high just for a wee teeny tiny bit more privacy.

Our One-Dipping-Egg-Each-Day-Chicken named Chook-Chook and our front driveway.

 Our new friends have enticed us to to the local salt water pool!
Captain Eli is on the floaty-mattress in his Captain Eli hat. 
Can you spot him?

Outside play in all weather is a huge component in in Eli's new school.YayYay YAY.
Now you have a good day, K!

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