Tuesday, February 25

Smooth Slippery Slide-y Frozen Strawberry Lunch

We have snow.

A lot of the pretty stuff.

Two days with no school and no work for us.

Books and books later
Eli and I decided on this recipe with out most of their ingredients.

This is the book
(I put it on Library Thing for reviewing later so 
it will show up on the side bar of my blog)

Eli and I did this

1 packet of organic strawberries 

on the counter while we mixed up and let sit for a while

a table spoon of slightly ground flax seeds

a few table spoons of liquid honey
a few table spoons of water

We used our teeny tiny little cuisinart machine to blurr, blend and whirr into a 




the insides of 
our necks 

Yes I said "lunch"
that is what we had for 
Our Lunch.

Serve it with a very small spoon and a glass of very warm water for sipping 

These things will help reduce the pain of ones face from gulping frozen things, Right Eli?
"Right, Mama"

We still have no camera so 
no original fotos.

I pirated a few from the web.
Arrrr matey! Yes pirated 'em pickies!


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