Thursday, September 9

Today I Make A list.

I have not been blogging lately.
I have lost our camera cord in the move.
I also made a promise to myself and Eli that I will not be on the computer for mere than an hour each day.
So, no bloggin'!

Tomorrow I will buy a cord and I will spend time blogging.

I find this blog helps me focus on Art.
This is a good thing, No?
Yup Yup focus on Art.
It has been a while and the time has come.
Hang in there everyone I will blog again by next week!

Yay Fall is Falling!


  1. I struggle with too much time on the computer too! I use mostly the free social media outlets to hock my wares & services and it takes so much time to manage it all. I have found that although I'm sitting at the kitchen island for so many hours, my husband misses me... I have to find a balance! :) Glad to hear you'll be back more, I love your blog. Namaste.

  2. Balance:
    I have am not certain how to do it all. And with a chunk of land and a toddler I must say the goal posts keep on shifting. Tricky- Tricky.
    I often feel the computer is an insidious little beast really.
    So much time and not much really to show for it. A sense of belonging is part of the deal for me. I get to hear things from fine folks like you.
    Also the value of putting thoughts to words is a really good thing for me. So many thoughts... !:D