Saturday, May 29

New Digs

This is my new Studio space.

For real!

Oh me O me O my!

A dream has come down from the Sky.

All this for Me and my Sweety Pie.

So fortunate am I.

Check out the rest of our near acre...

Yup Yup.
That tire is Ours.

That roll of some kinda weirdo rubber belt presumably from a mill is Ours.

And, yes.
That lovely old hand-milled-from-trees-on-the-property-complete-with-electrical-service-big-enough-to-run-a-mill-or-a-studio-with-ease... is Ours too.

Eli Approves.

I hope your Life is full of Wonder fullness too!

Now I will finish writing up the news paper adverts for the Summer classes.
Smile on everyone!

Peace out


  1. wow looks like a nice place! I hope you're happy there, can tell you're pretty excited. I haven't been able to catch up on what you do so like what are you planning to do to this studio? It it just pottery or writing???
    (only if you're intrested.)

  2. Hey Hey Miz-Chop-Stick-Gurrrl!
    You are observant because I didn't say what the Out-building Studio was for!
    Nice work.
    Now for the fun part.
    I'm not telling quite yet!
    It will be a surprise that may come in a while.
    Maybe even three years from now. How's that for a 'while"?!
    Keep writing keep smiling and keep on responding to blogs!


  3. Wonderful! Congrats. It looks like such a great space.

  4. Thanks Annie!
    I will never move again... ever.

  5. Oh to have a studio space...! And the setting - BREATHTAKING! How inspirational.

  6. Oh! All for you! So goood!
    I love you,
    I'm proud of you
    and I'm so happy for you!
    Soon, I will come for a visit. Sooon!

  7. Thrilled for you and Eli! Love the picture of him walking through the 'forest'. Brilliant!

  8. The out building could be the guest cottage...
    I thought You would like The Sweety Pie in this. So few this year! I know I know!
    smooches to everyone!