Saturday, September 11

List Made ... Again Today.

I did up a very do-able list.
Yup Yup. I did indeed.
We went to town.
Going  to town feels like a really big effort now since I love our New-Forever-Home.
No success getting parts for the camera from the one store went to.

So what!
I did The List, managed to bring all the things I needed for the camera fellow to help me and get out the door with a spare cloth diaper.
Sometimes these things are the best of a List-Day.

I would have taken the picture of the fresh bread and of the new ever so sweet blue woolly vest I finished this List-Day.
I would have taken a picture of the hole I dug for one fence post and the reclaimed lumber I pulled some nails out of and walked to the top of the property and stacked in the barn.
Piles of lumber are photo worthy I my BO (Big Opinion).

So, I ask of you to picture the pictures and enjoy your day Fully and Deeply.
Stay wide open and breeeeath all the Fall day long.
Peace Out

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