Wednesday, September 15

Art Week Solid and Long

This week started off fast and solid.

I have begun Studio Days once again.
Once again it is on a Monday.
I love Mondays.
Always have loved Mondays.
For the last few years Studio Mondays have made the rather ordinarily-full-of-verve-and-gusto-great-Monday even better!

Today was the first day of Art Classes for small children.
Gosh that went over really well by all accounts.
Eli Love Love Loved it. Art classes in his home for a change.
Usually we go out to do them.
Snow Apple Studios was wild and fun with sturdy and nutritious learning once again.
-----* yes, that was a shameless plug *-----

This Friday we go to  CHOICES with our hand styled sign up sheet for classes with them again this year.
I feel honoured and glad to be invited back for a third year.
Truly Honouring to my mind.

I studied a set of books this Summer.
Drawing with Children and her other one Drawing with (or is for) Older Teens and Adults by Brookes
I will be using some of the excerpts from it in my art classes. I have done a few of the excersizes in the first one and really liked how focused I became. It was good.

I have added to Snow Apples' Library in the last few months too.
Here are a couple of the titles I really like;
Look! Body Language In Art
She has a few more titles that after seeing this one I will get the others as well.
and I bought and am pouring over
Image Transfer In Clay
So many good juicy books come from Lark Press!
Linking these titles tonight brought me to Googles Book Search for the first time!
Wowser That was too much fun.
This day must include sleep very very soon.
I wish all of you a good solid sleep dreaming of your Perfect>
Be well.

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