Friday, September 17

Ergo Mice

So this idea of getting back on the computer has my forearms throbbing.
Enough to wake my up at night.
As a Potter this sometimes happens no matter what.
I rub hot spicy salves in.
I bind them every so often.
I have even used chop sticks and socks with staples and tape.
Once we rigged up a great splint from a couple of Styrofoam meat trays.
(we bought dolomades rather often in them. Not meat! ;)

Yup. Yup.
Creative is a fun thing especially when discomfort comes into play.

So what is this Wah-Wah- all about you ask?
Well, it all started with this latest List.
On The List was: get the camera up and running and get a new ergo mouse.

Gooden-nessI love those ergo mice.

I go through them fairly fast.
One will last for up to six months.
Because the tracking ball is manipulated by a bare hand it gums up inside fairly fast.
I have (insert creative necessity here) learned to take them apart well enough to clean the innards well enough to have them last a wee teeny tiny bit longer than without cleaning.
Alas, I have not found a way to have them last longer and they are tricky to find.
I have spent this last week traipsing around this teeny tiny little town for camera parts and for a new mouse.
I have spent the last two evenings online wanting to drop some cash in the lap of an ergo mouse dealer to no avail.
You get no pictures and I get no mouse.
I am wondering if it is a sign to simply stay away from the computer for a time longer.

Life is very busy now that September is here.
I am back with the school district.
I feed two boarders.
I am renovating (still:) and still love love loving it)
I am hosting regular art classes for  young children and have two private lessons to teach each week as well.
Not to mention the kind of parenting I do is intensive and fairly involved from sun up to sun up.
Tonight I will keep up the run of three nights in a row I will have toothpaste on the brush and actually get my pearlies scrub-a-dub-dubbed!
So. on with it shall we?

Here are some of the styles three of which for one reason or another won't let me buy them right away.
So, more links....

Nope still no  Photos and Yup Yup more links.

Ergo Mouse
Another Ergo Mouse
and now
finally, the Ergo mouse I had and would replace IF they'd let me.

Now where is my spicy arm rub?

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