Sunday, September 19

Dreams Goals and Pictures

Are these things interchangable?
Oh Yes! I do think so.
I have so many plans for this new home of ours.
Good solid plans complete with auto cad drawings!
A long time friend of mine is a professional inventor.
He is now living in this sleepy little town once again.
He left over a decade ago and has come back to be married soon.
He has been so very helpful in helping me build my dream with this new Home.
My picture of a little window here and a little window there is evolving because of his labour.
He has very very very generously done some  cad work for the little gallery space I want on this property.
I will give you this teaser and no more for the time being.
He has also decided to help me make money by offering up an out building that will be ever-so slightly-cutting-edge for sleeping in. A  hotel of sorts... a Snow Apple Hotel...

Suffice to say, it is good to leave you hanging.

I have dreamed of a home like this for a long time. I have held some of the things I really really like close to the fore front in my minds eye for a long time. I have sketches from four years ago that now fit seamlessly onto this place we live.
Under the weight of the busy-get-to-work-busy-season I feel the importance of picturing the dreams and picturing the goals.
I would have taken a picture of the rain drops balancing on the -teeny-tiny new kale leaves.
I would have taken a picture of the paint choice in the last "unclaimed" room.

So you could picture the lush soft light green that will soon peek through either the orange or red that will be dry brushed on top of it...

Cheers everyone.
Happy Dreaming.

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