Saturday, October 30

Fall Light On Our Hillside

To the right

To the left
 In the front
 Our Living room: right
 Our Living Room: left
 Our kitchen
(aka Sheby like Chevy the truck)

 You can see for yourself Our Lives are so full of light.
Oh so full.
I am grateful for this Life I said yesterday and every hour lately.
"A car crash tends to do this" says Heather the really nice ICBC lady said to me yesterday.
"Get back in the saddle" she said to me yesterday.
"Drive again soon" she clarified.
I aksed her if it is okay to never drive to Tofino again. She said "Yes Mickey".
Now that the gallery Cedar Corners, that carried my work is closed forever over there I will not be going back.
Greatfully I am done now.
Two years they carried and sold my work.
One year of going where I don't want to be, all done now.
The car will be alright.
We are fine too.
I am greatfull for all I have.
Thank you.


  1. beautiful photos, mickey, so sorry to come to the car accident part at the bottom of the post. hope all is well. what a big beautiful boy in the pictures! nice to see you blogging again.

  2. Wow, Mickey. That's pretty big. I am glad you are well and ok. I wish you safe, accident-free driving for ever and ever from now on.
    I love you and I'll see you soon.
    PS: I am very very pleased (and feeling a little bit smug) to see how well my suggestion to remove that chunk of living room wall infused your kitchen with light! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing pictures of your home! I have been SO curious!!!