Tuesday, April 20

Story Crafting in Clay through Port Alberni's Parks and Rec

This is going to be the ad for two of the classes through our very own Parks and Recreation.
Well, I will confess I am jumping the gun a wee bit here. I just wordsmithed what Diane sent me for rewriting. She may make changes. I invited her to... for real... not just implied politely that she could comment but I will convince her other wise!
It has been quite a few years since I have worked with Parks and Rec here. I wonder if the classes will do as well as clay classes used to!
 I am nervous or is it is just anxious?

"What-if-nobody-signs-up-itis" strikes deft like a pissed off cobra ... again!

Story Crafting in Clay
  Come find and meld a story of your very own  into Clay.

Join Mickey for this unique 2 session workshop.

She will guide you through the experience of discovering, creating and hand crafting your own story bowl. 
Easy *she promises* slab molding clay techniques and a wonderful soothing guided visualization to summons up a good story to craft.

    No prior writing or clay experience necessary.
Just get comfy & open your imagination…
"A deep, warm silent smile. The wind
was  blowing sun dried seaweed into swirls that piled up against the rock
shells  and  barnacles…" 

 Come on and Translate a Story into Art!
$80 Fee  includes clay, glazes and all firing costs.

Wed  Jul  21 & Thur Jul 22 or
Wed Aug 18 & Thur Aug 19;
6:30 – 9 pm;
$80 with Mickey Smeele

Studio Terrafemina
Crisp Fresh Art Happens Here

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