Monday, April 19

2010 Summer Classes

Yup Yup
The time  has come.


Summer Class descriptions and Schedules

Ready? Set.... Go !

The first set will be
last week of July
26th to the 30th

The second set will be
the First week of August
2nd to the 6th

The final set will be
the second week in August
9th to the 13th

If one cares to enroll in more than one set of classes to really ramp up the experience there can be a savings of 12% if one needs it.

Fine Art Camp for children ages 6 to 16
will include a fabulous and uber nutritious lunch and snack each day
a tiny gardening component as we have a lovely big garden attached to the Creative Cottage where the classes will be held.

For five days from 10 til 3 we will

Study old world and contemporary painters
Experiment with Water Colours on archival paper
Draw and Study
 Perspective and Light Source and Dimension and Proportion
and translate all of this into
paint one Big Canvas with acrylics.
(I am talking big here... 3 by 5 foot)

there will be Pottery.
Yes, on the Wheel.

These classes come with a warning.
They are not "craft camp"
Not one single piece of tissue paper will be found here.
No sprinkles either!
(granted there is a place for sprinkles in Life just not in Fine Art Classes is all)
We will be using real canvasses, archival paper and high quality paints.
Studio Terrafemina
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  1. This sounds good! Is there an adult version?

  2. Yup. Yup .
    They are good!
    I will have adult versions as of the Fall of this year!
    I am really really really really ... oh you get the idea... really excited about the new space I will be living in. We move in Sept 1st and the end of that month I will post the schedule!
    YOur blog makes you seem like a rather seamless fit into my Studio! What a dynamo you are.
    Hooray for Wild-Wonder-Women-Dynamos!