Wednesday, January 6

Celeriac Yak-etiy Yak-Yak.

Two of my friends are visiting us.
Lunch today is homemade nooodle-oodle-oddle-eys with chopped olives and dried peppers, rosemary, olive oil, and red onion. . . In the tea pot is Fennel, peepermint, whole anise and fennugreek steeped in fresh mountain water.
 Just in case you are still up for more foods the is some maple syruple baked beans from a few days ago...
this is part of my exciting afternoon later today with two lovely friends!
.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•Shine on my Friends!.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•

I wanted to talk a wee bit about Celeriac.
My Mum swore it was the secret ingredient for the best split pea soup ever.
My Dad thought it ruined split pea soup.
To debate it now
I bought one the other day an minced it into a marinated mushroom salad.
Apples, ground pepper, raspberry vinegar, Sambal Olek (chopped chili peppers) and a wee bit of tea (like the above mentioned)
The salad was very tasty.
The Celeriac humm...
I liked it well enough.
It was tough in comparison to the rest.
Starchy rubbery.
I won't add it again.
I suppose I could try ribboning it and rubbing it and soaking it in flavours.
Won't happen anytime soon.
I will however grow it top for I think what is called "Chervel".
(Or is that the small lion type cat?)
Oh me oh me oh my I dunno for certain.
What ever it real name
it really means celery greens!
That was my favourite soup when I was small and right up to date really.
So to recap.
Celeriac is good for reminiscing not eating.
However, as an herb I am in!
Sparkle Puff over and out!


  1. So glad you experimented with that - saves me giving it a go to end up probably not liking it either. Good for you!

  2. Nice photos and interesting blogging!

  3. Nice photo!, Simple yet having great nice impact ;p

  4. Hey mama!
    Use the tire to make a tire swing.
    Love you buckets, nice blog.