Thursday, December 31

New Personal and Pottery Year

This is New Years Eve.

It feels electric for me.

2010 seems like as big a deal as turning 10.

Double digits then and I don't know why now.
It just IS.

I feel a bit like I am ready to set sail in my little Sabot just like when I was 10.

this is China Creek Marina and looks a wee bit like the place outside my childhood home

I am feeling really organized for the first time in two years.
I bought a fine and tidy moleskin agenda.
I like it ... a lot.
I have bought  an entire pack of plain wooden pencils.
They look the best and feel the best too.
My desk drawers are in great shape too.
In a quick and decisive frenzy I tidied them up a couple of weeks ago.
The three galleries/stores carrying my work are stocked right up to the brim.
Yup Yup I am feeling Solid (today;)

This is a box full going to "Market"

This last year I have been working at using the google calendar for things.
I love the email-me-a-note-of-up-coming-events-option.
It has saved my bacon more than once I tell you!
(hummm, mental note to self find a new term for "save my bacon")

The next three months I have "events" scheduled in both my agendas/calendars already.
Between work three mornings a week we have four classes at Echo we will be attending.
I say "we" since naturally Eli will be with me for every single one of them :D
Composting 101
Organic Back Yard Foods (gardening too)
the most exciting one... Strega Nona's pasta Party!
For those of you that don't know of Strega Nona's Magical Pasta Pot a story by Tomie DePaola.
I grew up with the story. I much much much preferr it to the scorcerers apprentice.
It is about and old nearly witch granny kinda woman and a young fellow that lives with her. He doesn't listen and the pot just keeps filling up and filling up. You know the drill.
Echo is putting on an interactive story and spegetti lunch. Eli Torin Felice and I are going.
Maybe we will see you there eh?

Also I have signed up for set of inspirational talks on Love and Play. "Interactive online seminars  drawn from work in emotioning and languaging  by Dr. Humberto Maturana  and work in understanding affect-based human development by Dr. Stanley Greenspan."
It is being hosted through Wonder Tree Village an online homeschooling "Village" that we have been part of since the very first year a long time ago!
I am proud to still be involved with "The Village" and have made many friends over the years.

Classes anyone?

I am offering private individual lessons this new year as well.
Three people scheduled thus far and not much time for more than one maybe two more.
I am ready and open for a Grand and Fine 2010.

And lastly,
here are the words from the little poster I made for me to remind myself of when I panic and feel like my life is terrible. You know the days don't you? They come creeping in an sit squarely at my feet and won't budge sometimes. Winston Churchill called them his "black dog".
I get it!

Here is the banishment poster:

My Health is Solid and Vibrant.

My Home is Cozy, Inviting and Nurturing.

My Income is Dependable and Increasing.

My Children are Intelligent, Competent and Open.

My Tools are "at the ready".

I have Everything I need to Excell.

Happy 2010 My Web Friends
from This Small West Coast Family.


  1. This post brings all sorts of stuff whelling into my eyes.... it brings up a feeling... and I don't know what it is, but it's you, my second family.

    I'm homesick... 2 months is a long time.
    Love you and miss you.

  2. And you finally finished his vest! He's so handsome. Is he talking yet? Have I missed so much?

  3. Aww Sweety! Hang in there. You are working towards your Dream Life.
    Hard work in your head sometimes too.
    I TOTALLY understand about that one!
    Not only have I finished the Colourful vest you saw I started and finished another little green one that I felted up a wee bit.
    He looks grand in them both.
    Yay for long cozy winter days alone at home!