Tuesday, February 2

Old and New Together

Today we went to China Creek Beach, again.
(imagine the scene and insert here)

With coffee, fresh bread.
(well alright alright, day-old-homemade-fresh-bread)
Especially great with cheese-slicer slabs of butter and sharp aged cheddar and Gouda.
(imagine the scene and insert here as well)  
Yes, together on the same slice.
No, not together in the coffee
(imagine the scene and insert here too)  
Oh Divine really.
We used to pack up a skinny thermos with coffee and sit in and amongst the cold rocks at the quay.
Early foggy mornings.
So cold.
And totally worth it.
So nice.
On that note;
Once I got a phone call to my wee little and lovely bookstore that the crew had arrived to clean the rocket fuel left in the french press with a titanium based power scrubber. 
That is not a direct quote mind you. 
The words "rocket fuel" and "Titanium" "to clean up" are direct quotes though.
It has been a while since I have had coffee and this was really the Perfect Time for it.
Despite the fact the coffee is now decafe surely it is why my eyes were sharply focused enought to spot eagle feathers stranded in the backwash of seaweeds and fine roots!
I pulled those thick stemmed quills out a bit like one might pull a solid and fine sliver smoothly from the fleshy palm of ones hand.
Those eagle feathers slipped out of the debris just like that.
My intention is to make a few new water colour brushes with the quills.
My Dad made my favourite ones thus.
I still have them.
Quills cut and partially stuffed with wax and fur bond together by copper wire.
So nice. So nice.
Yup Yup.

Remember this link from a post way back?
Shall we reminisce a wee bit more? 


At this point in the post I would get the photos of  loaded up for us.
Nope Nope. 
Not gonna happen!

I don't know why they won't load today.
I'll try again soon.
No words just pictures in the next post.

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  1. hey i really like your flower bowls..how could i buy one..or 2? haha..