Tuesday, December 29

Commissions Noodles & Bottles & Heads

Ready: One commission.

Ready: Three "Serengeti Trees" wall hangings

Hummm... I thought this was a closer-er-up kinda pickey...
Oh well.
This next one is indeed a closer-er-est up Full of goodness pickey.
Fresh home made all in the same spot on our counter
Here they are drying a little bit.
One egg in a small sifted a small mound of white flour with maybe a tablespoon of water to get it a wee bit sticky er than it was pre-water.
I will  not trouble myself to buy noodles ever again I think.

Check it out...
how clean the counter is after the whole ten minuets of noodle making!

I even made the photo "ex-tra large" so you could see the clean counter.
It is where I glopped the stuff together and rolled it out a few times.
So sweet!

So tasty.
The little bowl those cooked beauties are in is from a waaaay back.
Strangely enough a local Vancouver Island potter (who's name escapes me at this moment) was invited
by the Royal Victoria Museum to make various sized bowls for the gift shop.
I understood they were asked to have them for the Egypt exhibit seven or eight years back.
The bowls were really great.
The Tenemok glaze is fine.
The clay is uber groggy and it looks deluxe.
The picture makes the noodles look okay and the bowl less than that.
I still have a few hieroglyphic pencils from that exhibit too.
We traveled from Port to Victoria round trip in one day with three kids and one cranky-does-not-travel-well-nor -like-singing-in-the-car-Father.
I kept saying that if any of my children grown up or otherwise came home with some of the things those fellows raided from tombs and temples
I would demand they
"put that back immediately".

I still fee that way about that exhibit. 
Frankly, I feel that way many times in museums.
We used to have a shrunken head in our tiny little museum here.
Yes, for real.
I learned how to tell the diff between a fake and a real one... it is all in the eye brows.
The fake shruken heads used to be made from goats and modified a bit.
Goats have no eyebrows. Humans do.
How's that for waaay more info you ever expected from a pottery blog huh?
Here one last look into our kitchen window ledge to help ease you mind.

A few of my bottles.
I love old bottles.
Picked that addiction up from my Dad.
*Hi Dad*
We used to go dig up our back yard in Ayr Ontario and find seriously the coolest artifacts and household debris from ages and ages ago.
These pottery Boles bottles are salt glazed and both tip/lean and are dented.
Scored them a few months ago at the free store.
Sweet, huh?


  1. I love your artwork and Mmmm! Noodles. They look so yummy!

    I should send you one of the glass bottles I have. I don't collect them per se but we went to a beach where a fish cannery burned down long ago to collect a bit of glass that was left. It's all at least 50-60 years old!

  2. Hoorhay for adding to my addictions!
    I will trade you noodles...

  3. I too collect old bottles!!!! I have them lined up on the kitchen window and the deep blue ones cast a wonderful light in the morning... I find it easier to wash the dishes now :)