Tuesday, December 22

District 70 Home Learners Art Class *Oak Art*


I am Teaching 3 mornings a week.
My dream job.

Eli was not happy.

I tried to quit.

 "Nope" They said.
"Let's try web cam delivery."

After three times

"Nope." said the Students.
"Bring the baby." They said.

I did.

All is well now.

Eli's second year at this school.

Eli sleeps in the sling on me.

The rest of us do Art Class.

We invite you to come see from time to time.

Be well every one as I suppose this is the last post of the Year 2009.

I wish all my readers deep warm contentment.
Be well.


  1. Mickey! I just realized your blog is up and running again. Good stuff :)