Sunday, November 1

Hello and happy Halloween.
We went to a friends' home yesterday.
We ate great homegrown food. Really lovely-Homemade-Everything
I read aloud  the Inuit story of Skeleton Woman.
It is from the book Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
By 8 we were walking around a slightly rural neighbourhood under the nearly full moon.
Just the right kind of memories for recounting.
By 10:30 Bone Woman and Bone Boy were tucked into bed and out like a light!

Today I have been trying to get the videos out of my camera.
I am not certain why the aren't unloading. Maybe they are too long?

I hope the weather stays just like this for a little while more.
I am giving up on downloading the video of my story.
mostly because
Vinyl Cafe is on.
I love a good story and there is a fellow that knows how to do up a good story too.
So, I'm gonna go now.


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