Monday, October 19

Mushrooms and Pants

What a Lovely thing to come home to!

 A little bit of garlic...well, alright that is not true.
A LOT of garlic.

Eli pants.
Soft soft canvas placed upon a bottle for display.
They will not stand up on their own, oh so soft!
One wee little pocket for "things" maybe grapes?
The pocket is of the same cloth I have made a smock for myself.
I love matching.
I see the attraction to folks who have the team jacket or "his" and "hers" stuff.
Funny I had never really done that before.
"Family Wear"
I am all about it now!
here are a couple of pictures of the pants in action!

Breakfast this very morning!
The ol' melon and corn puff stand by!

Now I am going to attempt to throw some pots.


  1. Family Wear - that's brilliant. Eli's pants look so comfy. Love the photo header with bottles and such. Good job!

  2. So cute! I love how those pants turned out!