Friday, October 23

Arting With District 70 Homelearners

I really love finding people's strengths and building upon them.
It is a well known fact in this little town I am not a big believer that "this is what you should be learning because you are 14 and therefore it is what I will talk about and test you on whether you are interested or not"
Nope Nope.
None of that for me!

I feel so very very honoured to have been asked to teach for the school district this year again.
The whole year this time!

I love teaching or closer to true is I love guiding folks to unleash their power to create.

Dang! That certainly came out well!

So, here is a small list of the projects we will move towards in the coming months.

"The Sacred Bottle"
Every Thursday we will draw paint sketch doodle and or scribble a clear glass bottle, outside rain or shine. We will see some really cool changes in our styles and abilities over the year.

"Comfy is Paramount"
We will dress in ways that we feel comfy and we will sit and talk about art in a space that we make comfy and we will have beautifull art supplies available and chocolate and cookies Oh and plants and pillows. Some of the art supplies will be there for "The Crew" to come use during the week outside of the class time. Must 'do' when Inspiration strikes or when Mama is shopping at QF!

"Artisan Village"
I want to inspire the long term thought of what a harmonious, nurturing, energetic city would look like... physically look like. The people; how would they dress how would You dress? The buildings what would they look like what would your home look like. Plants signs streets the whole she-bang what would an Artisans Village look to you and to us ans a group?
Over the next few months we will collect ideas and pictures ( both cut outs and hand made sketches and drawings etc.) and make up a little Village. It will incorporate some of the lessons in technical drawing and painting of people and buildings.

I have asked everyone to commit to every Thursday even if they don't feel so hot.

That way no one feels left out in including me.
Sometimes I might have a project set up for a particular person and it sucks when said particular person  isn't there.
So, upon the most unfortunate event of either death or disembowelment thus is good reason not to be at Art Class.
No less!

I think everyone was more at ease with each other this week (a total of three classes now).

We covered a bit on perspective and wound down with some water colour action.
It went well, I think.
I could get a survey going to check in with how they felt about it I suppose.

Sparkle Puff over and out.
As one of my fave humans used to say, "Peace Out".

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