Sunday, October 18

Gallery Studio Terrafemina is Open

 Here are some photos of the new Gallery Space.
Our Kitchen!

  Eli view of the handy work!

The process happened impromptu.
One day last week when it occrred to me that even though Christa had come to play with Eli while I threw some pots simply was not going to work according to MY plans.
What is new?
I was aggitated.
I had my heart set on getting more pots made.
Nope Nope.
That was not an option.
It was torrential rain so no walking to the swings or even to the library for Christa and Eli.

I took a few deep breaths and stayed still for a moment.

Then in came the good idea.
I very quickly went to the hardware store and dropped 120 bucks on shelving brackets and screws
Oh and (sensibly) dry wall plugs.

Eli wanted up for the whole procedure.

I managed best I could and he was very attentive.
So here is the story in pictures for you.
Thank you again to
our most lovely Christa for the help you are a fine level holder and picture taker!
The Gallery Studio Terrafemina
starring Mickey Smeele
is open.
Please call for a viewing or take you chances and drop by if you please.
4135 8th Ave

Eli was taking the calls while I did the shelves.

This Egg painting is half done.
I have a poem for the gold leaf foil that will go in the big empty sapce above the Eggs.
 I love love love gold foil, once it is on that is.
That stuff is uber tricky to work with.
Totally worth it in the end though.
Just like all things in Life.
My motto/mantra is still
Stand Still Make Pots and Attend To Your Children.
so far so good.
Totally worth the efforts!


  1. ^_^ Lovely photos!

  2. You are wonderful. My sister and I speak regularly of the inspiration you are to us. Keep it up. We love you very much, Mickey.

    Your JenJenJen

  3. Wonderful! I love it when we can see inspiration to fruit.