Thursday, October 8

Scary Potter's Home This Fall

Here is the latest addition to our Seasonal decorations.
Oh so lovely.
I think I want my next Little House to look like this one.
Well the Studio at least!
This is our kitchen sink full of clean dishes.
I like doing dishes because of how they transform from murky to gleaming.
I enjoy the bottoms of my bowls very much.
Sometimes they have little stories to tell me.
A chip here a missed glaze spot there.
Yup Yup
I'm a potter for sure.
Drying peppers in a bowl I bought for Eli in The Cedar Corner Gallery in Tofino, cool old bottles and jars and of course the ever present first Mama's Day gift.
Yup Yup
Life is good when it is pretty.

  Our front walk way looks a bit like this.
Tatters blends right in this time of year. 

Our kitchen table has been sharing space with this fabulous old Silver Springs Brewery box full to bursting with pots fresh hot pots ready for the Gallery in Tofino.
One of these sunny Fall days we will do the run.
Meanwhile there they sit all decorative and such. :D
Our speckley beans are soooo tall.
Up and Up and Up about twenty feet into the cherry tree in our front yard
Very pretty beans.
Anyone need seed stock for next year? Let me know!
I'll trade you for what-have-you!


  1. a great update- makes me feel like i'm tere. :) and yes... i'll trade-ya i'll trade-ya! seeds or whatever else...

  2. Nice to see the dish rack, one of my favorite pottery place, too. ;-)