Sunday, October 25

Studio Vehicle On Sunday.

I very recently bought wheels.
Jetta wheels!
Forest Green...
Sometimes Life looks like this.

Eli likes birds and so in this Studio Vehicle we have one wooden bristly crow and one wooden bristly owl.
I have now used this new-to-us-car for things like

I tried to leave this picture a wee bit fuzzy so you wouldn't see the chocolate bar and the box of cookies... didn't work.
Today we went for breakfast at Quality Foods and shopped after that.
Then Eli fell asleep.
So, I turned the car 'round and went to one of my favourite places to collect and ground and center myself...
Thumpity bumpity round and lumpity the road goes.
Thumpity bumpity round and lumpity the car goes.
Thumpity bumpity round and lumpity Life sometimes goes.
Ocean and drift wood and trees and stones and fog and drizzle and
"Caw-caw" Raven is annoyed.
And "squeal squak squak squak" the gulls lament.
China Creek Marina is good.

So are driftwood forts... look carefully...

I leave you with the fine print.

x. u r missed.

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