Sunday, August 2

Those Days

There are those days that I look at the clock four or five times in an hour and wish for the day to wind down.
(*translation* the children would go to bed)

The theory is that when they do "wind down"
I will go to the Studio and get a few bowls thrown.
Perfectly sensible theory, right?
It is precisely those days that I am running on The Well Of Love Reservoir.
You know the one.
When a person pulls out every single ounce of kindness and patience, gentleness and empathy and applies it in a thick paste to the day and all those in it.
Most days by the end of it I am cerebral toast so to speak.
All I can manage to do with the mush-brain I am left with at the end of a day is feed myself. Maybe plan a little, answer some e-mails and the likes.
Certainly no Studio Time though.

I had some one ask me once if I "indulge in such trivial things such as movies"
I had to honestly answer "No", I haven't watched a movie in ages.
I have gone from no less than two foreign films a day to
nada, none, nix!

I have however, indulged in Eli watching a movie.
The BBC series/movie is the first two episodes of Five Children and It.
A bunch of Victorian children being all pleasant and kind to each other.
Singing, hugging, skipping and saying "Hooray" a lot.
Eli's favourite charactor is Anthia.
He smiles every single time she does.
Psamead is the runner up.
I digress.
The reason I am even getting this post in is because "The Movie" is in for the fifty-th time.

Slowly I build stock up.
As finish this rambling I remember my motto and it is
Mickey, stand still, make Pots and attend to your Children.
I say it because rendered down it is truely what brings me that solid feeling of satisfaction at the end of a day.
Do you have a Bottom Line?
A sentence that carries you through and keeps you on track?
A Motto?
Please share it here in comments.
Pardon me while I go eat another "Apeje droopje"
(ape licorish)
Can you imagine banna and licorise flavour!?
Yum Yum.
Yup Yup.


  1. Ganbatte!!!!
    best said in an excited manner...

    A Japanese saying meaning "good luck" or "do your best"
    PS monkey licorice is good!

    PPS for some reason they would not let me sing in to this thing like normal... weirdos.

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  4. "Take a breath. Say how you feel. Walk away. Ask for help."

    A phrase borrowed from another blogging mama but one that fits for me and something I use daily to get me through. These words I keep posted in plain view for *everyone* to see and remember, cause it helps exponentially when others are on the same page, eh? :)

  5. I'm doing my best with what I have and all that I know.
    xoxoxox Coral

  6. Whaaa-hoo!
    Just look at all these good one liners.
    Coral I have written that one down for later.
    Krista? Please say your phrase to me when you are here on Wednesday, K?
    Oh and Ken that is already on my list... artist+ 1% talent and 99% persistence. Funny how many don't believe me when I say that!
    Jen-Jen-Jen... you can so, have, and continue to do so!
    Other Krista. You little ones are doing great from what I can see!
    Take good care everyone.