Wednesday, July 29

One of My Other Hats

I catered for this dynamo cobbing crew last weekend.

Cob building is very labour intensive in all the right ways.
One must touch with toes and hands Earth.
Shoeless craft is very appealing to me!

I recently read somewhere about the importance of our bare feet touching the Earth.
It is a healing, grounding, energizing, aligning thing that shoes keep us from benefiting.
The soles of our shoes are interrupting the flow of energy!
Yup Yup.
Most children know this, huh?

One of my favourite things to do is help folks be well.
Cob building workshop is the perfect companion to foods I like to make.
Natural Solid Basic Functional and Beautiful.

Much like Potting I think.
I learned a lot even though I was in and out during the two days of the workshop.

This was the menu for Saturday... one of the hottest Saturday's in the country I believe!

Hello shiny happy cob building people.

Mickey Smeele here.

I am catering this cobbing gig for you and I have a hunch you would like to know
what you will most likely be eating.

I say most likely simply because well frankly I am a mere mortal and things could be different than want I want them to be.
I have picked this wisdom up over the last few years...

I am excited to watch ya'all sweat for this great project!

Eli and I will be under the parasol checkin out all the buzzy bee action!

The COLD menu for this very hot week end is looking like this.

Super Green
COLD Power
Cob Building Foods.

Ice COLD Thia wraps with homegrown lentil sprouts
garden fresh carrots
ribboned of course,
accompanied by couple of
snazzy chilled
COLD sauces for drizzling
clearing out sinuses.

Some sort of (not hot but fresh just the same) bread
like ummm perhaps corn bread
and a
Zippy bean dip

caroby fruity dessert served COLD
( depends on who are the happy looking fruits at the market on Friday!)

Wash it all down with

Live Spring water from one of Port Alberni's very own springs
collected by moi in our brand new glass carbouy


Are you READY!?

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  1. MMM, your cold foods are inspiring me for making more cold meals... Today I did the Indian thing and had spicy warm food... It certainly hit the spot, but I definitely had a nice cold salad as well!
    And now, I may go see this link or video or whatever!