Sunday, August 16

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤~

I have been in the Studio a few times... last month.
I thought I would go down and get some fotos for us.
I say "us" because a few weeks ago I resigned to myself that Parenting and Potting is not a great blend...yet.
Eli is still a wee bit umm well shall I say GRABBY!
Surly you know the story, Throwing throwing throwing, right there in the groove... Ahhh I say to myself " Self, this is the Life" Music on boy playing with water on the little deck outside... Oh Ya!
It was picturesque.
I made a lot of bowls in short time.
It goes like that if I have my groove on so to speak.
Gosh, I feel old saying that for some reason!
Oh no matter.
So the last bowl is always a big bowl.
It is a little game I play with myself that works really really well.
I wedge up all the excesses bits from throwing into a big plomp straight from the bag.
So smooth and so satisfying. Then I throw a big big bowl.
Each time try to make it bigger than is sensible with the amount of clay I have on the wheel head. Usually around 15 lbs.
So this one was no exception.
It was a smooth and as good as the sunset that evening.
Eli was ready to come in anyways... perfect.
Eli came in alright! Quazimoto style super fast crawl.
Gleefull look on his beloved little face.
Straight up to the bowl on the wheel and grabbed it!

Slow motion I yelled "Nouewwwww" just like in the Eat More Chocolate bar commercials...
I made my son cry for the first time in his little life.
I yelled

I scooped him up and said sorry sorry sorry fifty times or so.

Sorry to scare you, sorry to be loud, sorry to make you worry.
Sorry Eli Sorry.

He smiled easily
thankfully, he

forgave me.

I then sat him in his playpen and sang to him a crazy Mama-Gonna-Fix-This-Bowl-Song.

He smiled thought the whole process of trimming it down.
Sorry Mama, Sweet Boy.

Here is what is left of that big bowl.

Story Bowls are Fine and Good.


  1. This is an amazing bowl!! Is it fixable?

  2. Oh Yes Robin. Eli smished it when it was still soft. I trimmed it way down into a low bowl instead of the magnificent big bellied deep bowl it was to start with! And so the pictures are of the "fixed" version.

  3. Ohhhhhh. Mickey. I just love this story. I just love you. And I just really, really love how forgiving and abundant our little men are. Life, when we stop yo spy at it, is a beautiful thing. Thanks for my smile of the day. xx

  4. What a great story to go along with the beautiful story bowl, Love your work and love your blog! Cheers, Maureen