Friday, August 28

Sometimes Life Looks Like This

I got an early start on painting some of the Market Satchels for the brand new little green grocer in Tofino.
It is called Green Soul Organics.
Morgan is smart and sweet.
Eli and I ate the best most tasty bananas from her shop.
She had fine and good high quality everything.
Including sundried tomatoes that we chewed up on the ride home.
When I get "arting" so to speak the house goes to wrack and ruin because my attentions are not on picking things up as I go along.
I have fairly high standards in the way of having the house look nice and tidy.
So I usually just pick things up as I walk by.
Well, chaos lurks and springs out at any given opportunity.
Life sometimes just looks Like this is all...
Now that I have looked at the video it occurs to me that that standard thing I was just on about...
Well the place isn't that bad at all. It just felt that way at the time.
Hmmm, interesting

Here is the youtube link for the Lisa Hannigan song playing


  1. We were listening to Lisa Hannigan today too! A neat glimpse into your life!

  2. Thanks Annie. I like hanging out in your Blog too!
    Oh and do you know of any NVC ers on this coast?