Wednesday, July 29

Happy Birthday Benn

I am a Potter because of this Number One Sun of mine.

I wanted an affordable and indelible gift for my Mum from Her first Grand Baby
So, 23 years ago I bought my first Pug of clay from LL Lyods in Victoria.
I still shop there before all the other places.
My sense of loyalty runs deep.
I made hand print tiles and some (rather ugly) masks that friends kindly bought from me.
I was well on the road to the passion/ addiction of a hobby that paid for itself.

I know A LOT more now... wowser! I even like my pots now!
So Thank you Benn Jozef (Guy) Smeele. Thank you for all your smiles and your great memory.
(I never had to worry about the car keys getting lost if I gave them to you to mind!)

I wish you well Benn.

I am always so sad on your birthdays because I miss you and have still have so many little pictures in my mind of you growing up.

you were born early enough to be a mere 6 lbs 1 once!
So frail. So small.

I read in some tribe-in-Africa-parenting-book that new babies need two months (just like kangaroos) as close to the Mama as possible.
So, I didn't put you down for months.
I slept with you.
I bathed with you.
I ate with you.
It was so hot then too.

I put a tee shirt on you to absorb the sweat of your little baby body against mine!

I believe it worked really well because you are nice and tall and plump with your sized 16 foots-ez!

To this day
I carry you as close as that in my heart Benn.

Snugged up nice and tight close to my heart.

Be well.
23 years old at 11:30. July 29th.


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