Sunday, April 19

SunDay Again

Outside our front window it looked like this.
Yup-Yup looks like Spring is Sproing-ing.
Inside the kitchen window looks like this.On our kitchen counter it looked like this.
Mmmm, fresh warm banana bread.
Inside our oven it looked like this.
Oooo fresh warm brown bread.
Studio Glaze table looked like this.
Those are tiles glued to cork and will be "Mini Memo Boards"
The Studio Audience looked like this.
Yes, Eli is standing.
I put him up on his feet and as you can plainly see, he is hanging on by his gums.
Other than te cuteness of it he is not even crawling yet and I am not at all one tiny little wee bit ready for him to be mobile.
What the heck is this Baby Proofing I am hearing so much about!?
Ya, I'd better get on it!These are the tiny bits of produce waiting colour.
The produce will go in the bowl of this Garden Goddess who will perch upon the rim of a big bowl I have in the kiln.
This Goddess looks like this with no flash on the camera...
A bit more accurate yet still not right.This is what it looks like on the way to the Studio
The end of my day looked a bit like this

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  1. Love love loverlyyyyy! Can't wait to visiiiit!
    Be home this weekend!