Thursday, April 23

Kiln is Un-Broken Now

"Sometimes One Needs To Just Get On With It" is written around the rim of the biggest bowl I glazed this time 'round. Yup Yup!

This Lovely has a story about a woman who seems comfortable on the edge. Balanced by a strong body and cookies. Yes, I said cookies...can't see it in the picture but she has a rather large and satisfying stack of cookies on her inside hand's side.

These bigger than they look bowls have a very fine foot ring. Yup Yup.

Some bigger hold-lots-of-fruit-bowls


A couple of figures of a Woman diving and surfacing grace the inside of this bowl... yup yup another story bowl. :)

I am so relieved the glazing worked well this firing.
My pictures do not do them justice.

Even my bronze worked this time!


Oh she will look lovely with all her fruit and veggies in her bowl.

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  1. Your bowls are so wonderful. How'd the rest of the weekend go for you?