Friday, April 17

Dropjes Paint and Family

I am asked every so often how I do all I do.
I have thought about it often.
Here is some of what I have come up with.
Energy=Do Less
The fuel from my day comes from many different sources.
Probably one of the most important ones is frame of mind.
I tend to come across as either flippant or cynical all for the sake of keeping it light.
I try really really hard sometimes, to keep it simple and that often yields "happy".
You know how all those books tell you to go have a bath to pamper yourself?
Well, I think that I pamper myself by reading, knitting, cooking, painting, potting, sewing, creating, caring & loving up my Family.
Daydreaming is a good source of energy too.
I can do any of those things in my head and feel a lot better for even having just thought of it! I can't tell you how many shirts I have made for my son to go with the matching skirt for me. In my mind I have made lots and lots in a jelly-tots box! Ha! I have heard that a way the astronauts trained for their adventures in space was to imagine it. Even the simple routines they were guided through verbally a hundred times or so, in their head trough guided visualization.
So, Day dreaming is a good idea in my opinion.
Lastly I think I do less than many folks that I know.
I do not drive so a lot of my time is spent in one place, Home/Studio.
No getting ready to go somewhere (gosh that takes ages it seems)
Grannie Drivers ( I am on foot and in a car)
and not winding down from the rush of getting somewhere!
Everything I need (library, groceries and second hand stores) are no more than 15 minuets slow walking pace.
There is pretty well not one single once of "rush" in our day.
Even arriving to Home we are not frazzled because of all the rushing around that comes with driving places.
Having less in this way is more for certain.
I won't say there is lots of time for these things but there does seem to be time for these things, in and amonst laudry feeding and sleeping
Yup yup there is time for
Some potting
(please note the stand-up-free-store-book-reading-unit score!)
Tile making
Gardening oh yes yes yes to gardening...
more potting
A bit of shirt sewing and cat rubbing and baby coochee-cooin'
Eating licorice and
listening to music that friends bring me...yum-yum Dropjes!
More reading
...visiting with Family !


walks and photgraphs of pretty things to post on my blogs.
I feel really good about the things I do do.
That is really all there is to it!
Do what you love to do.
I do.


  1. It looks like Eli has figured out that crawling thing? I miss you! I love reading your blog. It's like one of our visits. And I love dropjes too! ;)

    love from suz

  2. Oh man, that looks like paradise!!! I miss being in a walking zone to all those great things...Your whole blog is a feast for the eyes! Hugs!!!

  3. AAAAuugh, one day my life will be full of things I love to do!
    Right now may I live vicariously through you?
    I didn't mean to rhyme, but it works...
    Oh, and I love dropjes tooooo^_^
    Now I must leave you with a few cat haiku I think you will enjoy.
    Blur of motion, then
    silence, me a paper bag.
    What is so funny?

    My small cardboard box
    You cannot see me if I
    can just hide my head

    #3(this one's my fave)
    Small brave carnivores
    Kill pine cones and mosquitoes
    Fear vacuum cleaner

  4. Oh damn, I forgot to tell you how much I love the first painting there! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I'm famous!!!