Tuesday, April 7

Sun Is Shining and The Kiln Is Kilning.

This tile is one of the colour combos that always have worked and didn't at all in the last firing.
I did one bowl this time.
We shall see...

This a green I have been working on. It is terribly bland all by it's lonesome.
Frankly, aren't we all terribly bland by our lonesome?
I did add some mason stain action to the little flowers that Jessi made for me.
They look terrible now too!
Good Lord! Where does it end?

This is one below is one of many of the Sea Blue bowls I made for the last firing.
A few had those haunting and sneaky-sneaky "s" cracks
and the blue went way darker than normal this last time.
One, yes just one out of twenty look the way it is supposed to!
They look burnt to me.
is all I can say about that.

Oh pray to the Gods and Goddess' of Firing this load is fine.

I will eat sherbet,
orange sherbet to help ensure success.
Surely that will help.

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