Saturday, April 4

Melon Bowls

This the first Mellon Bowl I did from the last firing when I was pregnant.
In honour of all the water melon I ate!
This last glaze load you heard me whine about had a bunch of them in there.
Out of six of then one maintained the colours well enough to recognizable!
The bronze burned off entirely and left an anemic camel colour.
Better suck it up Butter Cup and get the next set into the kiln.
Good reason to buy some Cozy Shack Choco Pudding and cookies to use as spoons.
Yup Yup, that should take care of it.
Day With The Arts is soon!
Glaze detail... hummmm can't really tell the coolness of the bronze glaze on the rim or the seeds.
Glaze On!


  1. OOH wow, these are wonderful! Hopefully your next attempt is much better!^_^

  2. So delicious! Have I mentioned that I love your art? I do. Thank you so much for my new bowl! I love it! I have been eating salads from it. I am used to huge bowls, though, so I have been filling it up several times during one meal. It's kinda fun that way; then I can put different things on top of my salad each time.
    Oh! I want a cup. I don't have any cups by you! Such a travesty! Next visit, I will buy a cup from you, so be sure to have some!