Wednesday, April 8

Spare Time and Other Obsessions

The last kiln load was better but something is wrong wrong wrong!
This load is the complete opposite of the last one.
The last one looks burnt and this one looks under cooked.
Could be that relay making life tough.
Have I talked about the touchy relay at all?
Well, it is on it's way out. Makes scary rapid click-click-click noises until I tease it by pushing just the right way. That takes a few times of pushing and seems to stop needing the cajoling after the ramp time is done.
Make a call to the supplier I think.

Thank Goodness the other infatuations I have can tide me over in times such as these...

Eli seems kinda excited about the vest I am knitting for him.
Take care everyone.


  1. Oh a vest! I am loving the colours! They will be a beautiful vest.
    Hopefully you can fix your kiln, all the disappointment is too much!!

  2. Oh and if you could feel this yarn! It is so soft. polished wool. It is washable wool! Wowser-Fantabulous*
    o(_")")HUGS! •.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.☆♡

  3. HI! I couldn't comment on the Eli Blog; Google kept wanting me to sign in (again??) so came here and it works! Just wanted to say how fun the videos were and so glad you didn't turf them.

  4. I am not the only one having troubles with Blogger lately.
    I have had two people say they have had troubles.
    Computer-land is grand... when it works...