Monday, April 27

The Best Yet, A Week Late?

Well, here is the lowdown on this last weekend.

It was the most money I have made at a venue in Port Alberni yet.
I have been doing the Day With for a lot of years, somewhere around 14 years.
Even thought the numbers of people visiting the Studio were down!
So, why?
Well, I had bigger pieces this time.
I had nearly a store full of different things that I had made. Satchels and the likes.
But, I think there is a bit of an attitude shift going around. I think people really are spending closer to home. I think people's values are shining through after years of hearing about it and talking about what expensive really looks like.
Cost = The carbon foot print and the cost to communities and land that big box American stores and things made in China tend to cause.
I also think people are wanting to have unique, high quality (often this means handmade, huh?) items in their homes. I am honoured so many saw those qualities in my work.

Ultimately I feel rejuvenated after such a display of support. Thank you to all those that came out to play on such a lovely day!

As well, I noticed an interesting thing in my set up/display this year.
I had a small "sweet spot" in the Studio going on for it's self. A spot that was eye level and every bowl I put in that spot sold. I love that and it is curious, no?
Thanks to all of you that took the time to come and visit and buy my wares.
No really, thank you!
Be well everyone.

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  1. Love!♥
    I can't wait to actually get to use my new bowl! LOL