Tuesday, May 5

A Little Bit Counts

This picture is bit like my Studio Life right now.
Quiet Shadows.

Today I bought more clay and some glaze supplies to set out upon a new avenue in the next while.
I have a sculpture in my mind.
It begins with a clay I have no experience with.
How exciting, humm?
The gallery in Tofino
Cedar Corners
sold one of my big bowls so,
I ran to get supplies before I spent the proceeds on beans and rice...know what I mean jelly-bean?

These little bits of effort count and I often don't count them.
In light of the new-ness of this project I thought I would count the little things out loud.
Take good care Everyone.


  1. Oh, I'd been hoping you'd update! I check almost every day, as part of my internet routine.
    Hooray for selling big bowls!!!
    And yay for the beautiful shadow picture!

  2. I absolutely love your bowls. I am glad to see you are having success with it!