Saturday, April 25

Half Way Day

Bye Bye Blue Bowl

One more Day With The Arts.
10 - 4 Sunday
Yes, Tomorrow.

There was an anxiety to begin this day.
I felt a little bit useless.
A little bit incompetent.
A little bit like my theme song could be "Nobody Loves Me I guess I'll Go Eat Worms"
Not sure why.
Could have been the slow start to the Day With The Arts.
Could have done lots and lots ... less maybe?
Could have been that I didn't have time for Breakfast.
(I did manage a stiff cuppa joe though decaf for Eli's sake)

My Friend sunshine-orange-haired-Krista came first thing in the morning
the very first people into my Studio bought a bowl.
That combo started to work it's magic on me.
I started to feel my self worth seep back into my tummy.
Sold one more towards the end of the day.
So, between the friendly people honouring me with a visit to my Studio and the two sales...
I think I am going to bed satisfied.
I know for certain I am going to bed right now!

amazingly I am fighting the urge to go pot

Good night
It's gonna be alright


  1. Congratulations on the sales! I wish I were there. I would have visited too. Maybe shared a cup of joe with you. I know I would have loved to hang with Eli while you got stuff done!


  2. Hey Mickey. It was nice meeting you and Eli and seeing your work on Sunday. I'm betting your buyer came back for the "robin's egg blue" bowl?

    I don't have much of a web presence these days but you can follow my photos on flickr at:

    My email address is if you want to keep in touch.

    Chris (+ Nathan)

  3. Hello Mickey....Its your old chum up here in oilpatch, I'm afraid we've made a bit of a carbon footprint today, sorry planet...I was just admiring your bowls, very nice. I'm sure that the little portal you had in your studio magically loosened the tight grip that folks have held on thier money these days Mick...... but in the event the space where your pottery seem to be flying off the shelf in sales is just an ordinary spot, one might conlude that your just getting really good at what you've been doing all these years. Good work my friend! Deana