Monday, March 16

Wild Things Are Studio Monday

First thing this morning I made almond milk.
I have it down now! No big mess. See?
Then "Studio Monday Jessi"
AKA "Roo"
came and got right to it.
She made some more happy little critter embellishments for big bowls.
These are her flowers on my bowls...
Here is a cat lounging near the rim.
Cozy addition.
Thanks Jessi.
What a team, what a team.
There is team sports (blechgts) and there is team arting. I love the latter

These are embellishments you have seen before if you have been following this blog at all.
If not, here are some sea shells and barnacles.
And today, this wonderful Monday

Eli sat.
Happily no less, since sitting is a brand new skill.
Even on the crazy angles of the studio floor, Eli sat and sat well!
(look at the play pen carefully to see how crazy the Studio floor is!)
"Roo" hyper focused
or is she trying to keep out of the picture...not sure which...
The collective "We" did get the kiln loaded.
Eli played and slept.
Jessi snuggled pots and bowls and beakers in and amongst each other in the kiln.
I stacked the shelves onto the posts and fiddled with the very very very persnickety relay switch.
The company apparently doesn't make them anymore.
Does this mean I should be saving for a new one?
Well, yes.
The electrician and I figured there is not that many more firings left in it.
So, having coaxed another firing out is always a relief.

for the grande finalle`...
today a package came for Eli.
Papa Sam-Sam-Sam sent Eli a new book for his collection.
Here we are in the Studio with him as he discovers...the wrapping!

Another very Lovely Monday.
Thank you to all who contributed.


  1. I am absolutely loving the orange overalls, of course!

  2. Looks fun! Enjoy the Wild Things.