Wednesday, April 1

Load Then Glaze Then Cry

Yep. It happens.
I throw, trim, bisque for what feels like ages and ages.
Granted, Blissful ages.
Then comes time to glaze.
Winston Churchill painted sometimes and he was quoted as saying the clean white canvas frightened him like nothing else.
Yep. It happens.
Big Strong Man.
Able Dynamo Woman.
Yep. It happens.
The glazing day was shaky at best I walked past all my fears and loaded that kiln up with some really lovely shapes.
I didn't veer far from my glazing norm. Nope.
Only the tried and true went onto the bowls.
I am too sad to even photograph the results.

My Most-Wonderfull-Studio-Helper-Jessi
wrote the prices out and stuck them on and wrapped each one like little dead things in green wool cloth that I use for packing.
Thank you Jess.

Then a request to see the new firing disaster from Oma-Lia came.
Upon seeing them again they are not that bad but...
what about what Ayumi Horie sais...
Hmmm? What about that?
Click here to see what she says...

What do you think?
Hammer them to bits and return them to the Earth?
Sell them anyways? Someone will like them, right?
Deep Six 'em is where I am going with them I think.
Yep. It happens.
Signing off for this Snowy April 1st.


  1. Oh dear, oh my! All that work. I feel so bad and disapponted for you. Hmmmm... and yeap, it would be hard to deep six them but... what was the word? Integrity. Is there a way to salvage anything?

  2. Salvage looks like eating sherbet of some of them and yup, deep six the rest. I did already. My Studio Helper Jessi brought them to the dumpster yesterday.
    On the bright side I can now go make more and still have the storage space for them!