Friday, March 13

Some of the things I did this week in and amongst
Brown Bread Baby Group (at my house)
Teaching Water Colour Classes
doing my hair
( have you seen my hair? There's lots! :)
Studio Time everyday this week for no less than two hours
( I committed myself two hours kinda silly really :)

So this is one of three coffee filters out of muslin.
I was so ecited one morning to just bloody well make a filter. I have been thinking about it for years, yes years now. and here I was doing it.
I measured and everything.
Guess what? ...didn't work. Nope not the first one.
(ridiculously disappointingly tiny ):
Not the second one either, nope.
( too narrow and very tall shall we say unstable when wet ):
and the third one I have yet to try.
I need to emotionally fortify my self first.
I ditched the ruler and used yarn so it is bound to be better!
Years ago I build a full set of stairs to the loft of my Little House with wire instead of measuring tape.
And, for the record they were great, surprisingly great!

These have turned into Market Satchels.
I will paint them in the next couple of weeks, maybe months?
Six of them.
Eli watched in fascination as the machine thrummbed along. After about the fourth one I had to stop a lot and eventually all together. He does not like loud noises. Come to think about it He doesn't like machine noises.
The concert with drums and all didn't have the same effect as my sewing machine or a car for that matter.
He doesn't like the car either.
Took us four hours to get back from "small" road trip to Naniamo last month!
Naniamo is an hour and a small bit away going a wee bit under the speed limit.
So it is machines I think.
I gardened a bit agin this week too.
The giant garlic is poking up now.
They seem so cozy nestled between these lovely rusty bits dragged home last year by Poppa-Sam-Sam-Sam for me.
What is it about rusty bits that is so appealing to me? I still dream about the very very cool anchor and huge links of chain we left behind at the beach in Crofton.
Beach questing. I grew up on a beach and Beach Combing was a daily thing.
After a scary winter storm was one of the best times to comb for treasures.
I made Eli foods. He hasn't eaten solids yet.
Today he started.
I milled organic brown rice in the coffee grinder.
Soft fine powder into water with some molasses and boil boil trouble and toil viola tasty and ready to freeze in "plomps" then I put the frozen ones into a zippy.
I will mash them soupy with my-milk.
I made cookies with the nut fiber left over from making almond milk. I saok almonds and dates over night and whirr 'em up in the blender with some celtic sea salt and flax seed oil. I squeeze it out into a jar ( I have made a square of cloth that I do the squeezing in). the pulp was the base of these cookies. Oh they were good. If I had any amount of self discipline I would have had cookies all week... lol

Naturally I did luandry lots and lots of laundry and...
this last picture is of Eli and me Singing. Well I am singing and he ispatting his book and banging the whisk while sort of moaning an youuuuuu-ooo-eee-youuuu...

Have a great week end everyone!

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