Sunday, January 4

This is what my Horoscope said today.

Life is looking better and better for you, but there are still a few loose ends that must be tied up before you can get on with the next phase of your life.
The rate of change will continue to increase for you over the weeks ahead, but now you must concentrate on the present moment and not on the future.
Be ruthless if necessary, but don't let unfinished tasks slip by unnoticed.

It seems to fit the way things have been going around here.
I have been cleaning up my Studio.
Paperwork of old Be Gone!
Broken tools, Be Gone!
Things I haven't used for ages, Be Gone!
It is a mildly exhaustive task.
So many of my things have stories attached to them.
It's tough for me to toss out a story, you know what I mean?
My goal is to have a fine feeling of organized and light by my Birthday.
A couple of weeks should do the trick!
Tatters is on to me.
She noticed the one thing in my water colour basket that could be turfed!
A stick from the garden is not necessary.
Ya, ya okay. Out it goes!
Thanks Tatters.

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