Friday, January 2

Re-worked Sweater. Is it worth it?

How to make a Sweater-Pillow.

First off have a friend gift you a very big interesting-in-a-tacky-sort-of-way sweater.

Second, waffle about turning it into a skirt.
After deciding an elastic waist band sounds like too much work at the moment cut the arms off of the sweater.

Next, try the now armless sweater on starting with your your head poking out of the "proper" place and then squidge it down your chest and struggle to get your Boobs past the neck opening and hedge once again about the elastic waist band idea.

When you find yourself stuck and near panicking cut the neck open.
Be careful not to nip what ever you are wearing (aside from the blasted sweater) or your own skin like I did, nasty little cut. Don't worry it stops stinging about a day later.

Then, sew across the top of the sweater from outside shoulder edge to outside shoulder edge.

*Are you still with me here*

Continue down each side.

Trim exess bits away.

Take the table cloth off the "cutting" table first so you don't cut it like I did. Even though it was just a little nick the table cloth can now become something else too. Drat.

Now, hunt around for a pillow or two to stuff into your newly re-worked sweater-pillow.

I suppose laundry would work too. A little lumpy but what the heck huh?

Luckily for us I happened to have fifty seven or so extra pillows around this house.

Finally, lace it up with anything you can find lying around.
I used a leather tong and don't have the heart to cut the extra off so there it dangle albeit slightly decorative it is kind of obvious that I didn't have the heart to cut it.



This pillow is guaranteed to leave really really big imprints on the side of a nappers face.
On the right face it might look kinda cool.
A wee bit like a Maori design with a Celtic or Fair Isle twist.
I will be sure to photograph any prints that happen for us!


  1. I love your sweater Mickey!!

    Let's please get together asap. I will pick up you and "bubsy" having ventured perilously through "slush-land" (you are so worth doing that!) and you can bring your creative genius to the
    7th Avenue Tea House. Check out the latest info
    xo Doree

  2. Calling you shortly Doree-Raw-Dee-Da!

    Glad you like my creative genius!
    See you soon