Wednesday, January 7

Ode To The Hand-Whirr-Whirr

At the end of this day a bust of energy over took me.

Out came the Hand-Whirr-Whirr.
Some one reading this blog will recognize this one!
(Ericka are you there?)

About five years ago I needed a new one in the Studio because mine had smoked terribly while stirring up a bucket of glaze.
This Hand-Whirr-Whirr has lasted the longest out of the three that I have gone through in the last 15 years.
What a great Studio gadget.
I loved it in the kitchen too much and bought one for the Studio.
Eventually the kitchen one was snuck into the Studio and never returned!
I cannot imagine what I would do when I make hand cream with out it.
I have tried to blend the bee's wax and oil with a whisk.
My shirtfront ends up covered when I use the whisk.
There are times I meticulously clean every crevasse and crease a toothpick can reach.
I buff in after using a scrubber-bubber (one of those green scouring pads) and bleach.
Oh I love clean equipment.
I can get a little over the top on occasion with the cleaning thing.
It's a Dutch thing I am assured.
*rolling eyes*
Yes this trusty ol' Hand-Whirr-Whirr is cracked, discoloured, and a little bit broken.
It also makes a frightening screeching noise sparodically and unpredictably.
Until I see smoke I'm gonna keep this Hand-Whirr-Whirr a'whirring!
This is my Hand-Whirr-Whirr.
Here is what we whipped up tonight.
Face cream.
I used a tiny bit of Ylang-Ylang this time.
"What is in it?" you ask.
A chunk of bee's wax and grape seed oil.
A little bit of water from the kettle and a teensy bit of Ylang-Ylang for scent.
Tha's it!
The bee's wax alone is so pleasant and soft smelling on my skin.
I really like it.
Smells of a hint of honey... nearly.
I use a big tin in a pot of water and chopsticks to move things around until everything is hot a liquid.
I let it cool until it begins to cloud and then Hand-Whirr-Whirr it.
Often I get so involved with the blending part that it cools too much to pour and then I need to reheat it a wee bit and re-blend it too.
Pouring it into a couple of bowls I made I usually give one away and keep one for myself.
A friend and her lovely baby gave me this perfect piece of homemade felt.
(Great job Sara and Tylor)
I saw right away the new case for my camera!
I used one of the three fine bits of ribbon from a Solstice gift
(thanks Jen-Jen-Jen)
Things get done easily and quickly when the equipment needed for the job are at the ready.
I have been in the habit of leaving the sewing machine out, well dusted and surrounded by pretty things like that fabulous basket and all the bindings from My thrift-store-monday's.
Here is the bread wating patiently for my attentions.
Certainly one of the reasons bread gets made around here is simply because of how patient it is.
I began it this morning.
I found windows of time throughout the day and by 4pm it was in the oven.
By 9pm I managed to eat nearly half of one of the loves!
(Eli slept in the sling for all the times I needed to handle it. Thank you Eli for your help)


  1. hey, you still have it! how awesome! it's been like um...six years...I am amazed it is still around...I think it belonged to my grandma or great aunt or something. I am sure it is happy to be involved in such excellent endeavours!
    Hugs! E