Wednesday, December 31

My friend Kathleen came back from a whorlwind trip to Mexico for five days.
We dug her car out and went to the grocery store.
Two bags of Kettle chips, one wheel of brie, one Bosch pear, green Tai curry with red potatoes, carrots and peas was washed down with mulled spiced red wine tea.
I fell asleep at 6:30 with Eli and woke up awhile later to this

10 o'clock fire works!
As I blogged Eli slept.
Kathleen and Tatters did this
hmmm, I wonder how Tatters wrangled the big couch for her little body and Kathleen landed in the small couch for her big body?
Big thanks you to everyone that has been sharing in my life this year.
I am truly blessed to have such caring kind people in my life.
Thank you for buying my bowls, mugs and Acrobatic Ginger Bread Guys and Gals.
Thank you for organizing venues and finding galleries to sell my wears.
Thank you for Eli.
Thank you for all the kind words, smiles and belly laughs.
I wish anyone taking the time to read this warm bright feelings all the year long
(and then some!)
Be well.
signing out this year

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