Thursday, November 27

Down I went...

I got them ready...Tools ready...
Baby ready....
Tummy ready...
I love cheese mayo and peanut butter on bird seed bread.
I also love lots of pickles or sweet relish with
sharp cheese and
Yup Yup mayo on
bird seed bread.
I also love pomegranates although somehow they make me very thirsty...
Hmmm, I wonder what that is about?
to the
I wentI trimmed four bowls, sponged the stars and some of the Acrobatic Ginger Bread Guys.
Then Eli woke up.
I managed to feed my Sour Dough Starter...
I did some reading to Eli.
Some couchie-cou-ing and smiles.
Some walking around looking in mirrors and looking at paintings around the house
and a few paragraphs from my grown up library books to Eli.
As well as these two new books I bought a while ago from the SOS in Parksville
(new being second hand and not read by me yet)
Darkness comes early now.
So the house is cozy longer!
Felice made scones - delectable cheese and onion scones.
And well it was close to bed time for Eli again.
Here I am blogging.
Time for me to sleep now too.
Where do the days go!
My mind is reeling.
Lets see.
Baby Group Friday
(bring knitting and cards to sell to baby group)
Firing and Family Dinner Sunday
Glazing Monday
(When and where for that matter, will I buy wire for the ornaments)
Baby group Tuesday or Studio Time instead
( ask Eli )
Glazing Wednesday?
Art Show Sat and Sunday as well as Potluck Sunday...
Was there something on the next Friday besides Baby Group? Friday?
Hmmm how to turn off my brain!
So much Life to Love.
So much Life to Live


  1. You made stars ? ? ? ?

    Tell me when they are done! I want to see them !

  2. Oh yes yes ! ! ! I will tell you and show you ! ! !

    ( ..)
    ('')('') I'd better hop to it huh?

  3. It has been so much fun discovering your blog :) I love your "language", your posts come across to me as whimsical and so authentic and down to earth! I can't figure out how to go back now and figure out how I found your blog, but I think it's something to do with being in my local area and me following links, perhaps to do with some gardening thing.... Not sure. Anyway, I hope you'll keep up the posting, I am in awe of the sweetness of your life and how much we have in common (things we love). I am an aspiring potter too, although with 4 kiddos and a full life and a partner who works a ton, I don't get much time right now to pot.... Everything in its season, I know one day I will again. I have to admit, I was disappointed in the glazes available at the place where I pot, so all that work often led to.... disappointing results from the kiln... Anyhoo, take care and nice to meet you. By the way, I commented on this post because of the pickle/relish on your toast. I make an insanely delicious zucchini relish from my garden and eat it on just about everything I can, haven't tried it with peanut butter though!!

    Krista :D

  4. *didn't mean you are an aspiring potter, just me aspiring, you seem well into your potting journey and your bowls and glazes are lovely, oh and I think I recall now, I found you through a link about the cobbing party you catered to, we're quite fascinated with the cobbing thing and so are looking into what we can learn about it -- our new yard is one big clay patch!*

  5. Oh Krista! Thank you for your kind words. Timely like you have no idea!
    Yup Yup Divine Intervention even.
    The Cob Crew in Naniamo will be doing another gig in the Spring of next year. I suppose I had better keep you posted then huh?
    Do you go to any of the Baby groups thought the health unit?
    Might hook up with you there. They have free and fine child minding services...
    hint hint.
    Be well.
    And thanks for following my blog.
    Really truely, thank you Krista.
    from Your new Sappy Potter Friend Mickey