Friday, November 28

Nice Sturdy Bottoms

So today
I put some embellishments on bowls before they dry.
I trimmed the four big bowls.
Nice taper to their sturdy foot rings.

Nice bottoms indeed!

There are still some Acrobat Ginger bread guys waiting to be sponged off.
Other than the two bowls I threw today everything is now drying.
I aim to fire this Monday.
That means glazing Wed and Thursday then firing on Friday.
All of that equals new beautiful things to sell on Sat and Sun!
Eli helped when he could by being patient
and smiling encouragements to me.
After my dinner and for Eli a clean "dancing suit" (sleeper/onesy)
He really liked helping with the was so lovely warm on his legs.
Our towels are ready for "rainbelly"(our shower) in the morning.
His towel is the colourful one he is holding.
It was hard to get his facial expression on this one!
It was sheer delight.
His whole body arched when I put the warm towels on his lap.
As our friend Izabela sais about Eli
"Super Sweet,
he is so Super Sweet"
Good day to you all!

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