Wednesday, November 26

Look what I got to do today!

A bit of laundry...Clean diapers fluffed, stacked and at the ready...
and ...
best of all...
nearly four ( albeit intermittent) hours in the studio
This is my favourite clay ever!
Klamath Brown from Seattle Potteries.
I don't know why the colour is so different between these pictures!
Over exposed I suppose.
The ones down here are true to form
Acrobatic ginger bread guys havin' a party amongst the stars
Chocolate... it is like working with chocolate!
May your week be as great as mine!
Don't forget the show at Izabela's again on the weekend of Dec 5th!
If anyone needs a place to sleep so they can attend.. no problem!


  1. I loved that're right it is like chocolate!! And four hours!! What a generous boy Eli is! Everything looks so lovely!!:)