Thursday, December 8

Authentic Choices - Life In The Deep Dark Woods

There are many reasons we are living like this.
All of them are choices we make sometimes over and over again.
I am glad to have have my ego checked.
Challenges do that.

Power goes out?
No problemo.

Snow and freezing temps make doing dishes even more than normal.
Hauling water and propane and in this case thawing the wash water up before I can make mulled wine for myself. Tha's alright too.

We are doing really well in  and amongst the beauty of t his Forest.
The addition of a woodstove in it's very own little room dubbed "The Saute` Room" is a very fine and good thing!
Life is good.
Now to find a studio space with walls, power and running water!
Then I'm set.
Bright blessing and warm toe wishes to you my Dears

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