Sunday, November 6

Is It November Already?

Well yes, yes it is indeed November already.
As many know we made some big changes about one year ago.
(uber small & off grid)
Home Schooling
Not one of these things are for the faint of heart let me assure you!
Thank you one and all for your support.

For me this November is a little bit extra stressful because it feels like "show time"
Yeppers, time to do shows!

That means ages of making and getting things into shops and shows and pricing and more making and advertising, designing things for printing, blogging and answering tonnes of questions via the internet, inter alia.
Inter alia means among other things.
Eli and I are doing it all with grace and style, thank you very much.
(what other way is there?)
I am still loving doing temp work as front desk fairy around the coast.
Inter alia
Enjoy some pictures now.
Oh! Do come visit and buy pots and painting my dears!
 Alcove in Qualicum
The Other Side in Coombs
The Train Station in Parksville and
Nov 11th The Community Hall in Parksville
as always watch for our little Spirit vintage AMC fresh hot pottery for sale always!
Our AMC Spirit pottery from the trunk purchases are always welcomed 

Blue glaze and some cards on dislpay

Find the home learning boy
There is the studious fellow

Plans for the raku firing in January and hats on the way

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