Wednesday, December 24

Sunny Day December 24th 2014

High noon this very day.
Gorgeous Day

Eli sharing his soup with his new Solstice gift Puppet.
The fellow's name changes often in the last two days.

King Robert.
King Rueger.
Sir Oddo.
So upon asking as I write this
"So,what will you name this fellow Eli?"
"Oh, I know, he shall be called King Sir Robert Allen Orr.
Well then, there you have it.
We are making clothing, furniture, swords and shields for him.
Oh what a good idea this doll puppet turned out to be!

Eli received an easel and acrylic paints with a set of new brushes from a friend of ours
(thank you again Carla).
This is the result two days later.
I wish you could see the texture!
There is a gnome and his cabin in the woods. The tree in his woods and two waterfalls.
The brown needs replacing already.
My little woodsman favours browns.
This was Solstice Day.
Our little Noble fir tree and Eli wearing our German Student Fellow Finn-Mann's new hat and Eli's new elf shoes.

If you look carefully you will see home made strap on stilts! Thank you Chris & Melissa, Soule and Gwiadon! He walks like an baby ogre with them on!

Happy Solstice
Merry Christmas
to all
of us

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